Raspberry Fool: A Little American History with Your Dessert?

My kiddo and I love spending time in the library, and we especially looked forward to trips to the amazing Thailand Knowledge Park in Bangkok’s Central World mall. We spent many a weekend lying around on the cushions or climbing up the bright red beehive structure to perch and read together.

The book selection here is kind of special, as many of them appear to be donations from expat families who have moved on. It was a little surprising to find a fun book with a bit of American history about the yummy and easy-to-make dessert, raspberry fool.

Good Eats and Good Reads

A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat provides a snapshot of four families through time, and how they enjoyed their meals together. At the end, it provides a step-by-step recipe of how to make it.

If you do it right, it comes out with a gorgeous white and purple marbled look. Mine did not. It was a little more like blotchy tie-dye.

Anyway, I jumped on board with this easy and kid-friendly recipe immediately, deciding to make the treat at my kiddo’s preschool Thanksgiving celebration.

First stop, a trip to the import grocery store. This shop on Sukhumvit, called Villa Market, is one of the few in Bangkok that sells raspberries, and the price shows it. We opted for frozen to save a few bucks. Then we grabbed our heavy cream and we were on our way.

It’s literally this easy (unless you mess up like I did):

Step 1: Whip your cream until thick

Step 2: Mix in blackberries, sprinkle on some brown sugar to taste (or don’t, little kids usually won’t miss it)

The end.

Things not to do:

Do NOT stop whisking, or the cream won’t whip properly. It’s very disappointing, not to mention leaves you with a tired arm and nothing to show for it. Pro Tip: let the little ones whisk AFTER you get the desired whipped result. They can’t go wrong at that point, and still get to “help”.

Do NOT freeze the dessert thinking that it will thaw and still be whipped. Not sure why I thought this biology-defying idea would work.

Fortunately, frozen whipped cream and raspberries taste like, well, frozen whipped cream and raspberries, so all was not lost. It was just a little more difficult to serve it up when it came time to feast. And definitely looked less pretty than I intended.

Regardless, the kiddos loved it and it was so simple to make. I think I’ll try it with blackberries next time Noah and I get a chance to go picking.

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