Meet us

That is, me and my little guy.  He’s just about as awesome as you can get.

We’ve spent the last seven years inhabiting this planet together, and it’s been quite a ride.

From saying goodbye to grad school, studying yoga in the jungle, becoming a teacher in Bangkok, and crash landing back in our home country, my kiddo’s been with me through it all.

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Now I’m working in San Francisco’s tech world and figuring out the whole ‘adulting’ thing.

In the midst of it all, I’m still growing into being a mom (turns out it’s kind of hard) and navigating the mayhem of the Anthropocene with a kid at my heels. It hasn’t been easy, and we’re still working out the kinks.

The good news is we get to do it together.

Our day-to-day consists of routines-routines-routines, cooking simple (read: easy) healthy food, making silly videos, crafting, adventuring, and generally exploring this crazy world together. This blog is our little corner of the meta-universe where we document our journey.

You’ll find fun facts about yoga, mindfulness, a rant or two about Postmodernism, some tips on sustainable, natural living, my kiddo’s creative contributions, chronicles of my not infrequent parenting/life fails, and the lessons that come out of it all (along with the occasional run-on sentence).

My hope is to shed a little light, share a little love, and invite you to join me in fully experiencing the peaks and valleys of being a human.

Thanks for stopping by.